18 Blogging Tips That Can Never Go Wrong: No Cliches, No Bs!

18 Blogging Tips That Can Never Go Wrong: No Cliches, No Bs!

Have you been busting your chops creating and optimizing the content on your blog without getting the expected results? Are you tired of reading articles offering vague steps in the name of blogging tips? If yes, you’re at the right place.

Let me guess, you are tired of looking at rehashed cliched blogging tips all over the internet. But your streak of unsuccessful blogging attempts ends today.

You’re seeking a foolproof solution. That’s exactly what I am going to offer! On that note, here are the 18 best blogging tips for newbies and experienced bloggers.

1. Forget All The cr*p You’ve Heard and Be a MultiTasker

“You can’t be good at everything!” I can’t remember how many times I have scoffed at BS statements like this. Forgetting this statement is one of the best blogging tips.

Well, you have to be good at almost everything if you want to be a successful blogger. There is a lot of multitasking until you’re rich enough to afford dedicated teams for every task.

Speaking of tasks, as a blogger, you have to write and promote your content and add appealing graphics to retain readership. Not to mention, you also have to take care of the web design. Fortunately, that’s easy now, thanks to drag and drop.

Social media management is a vast job on its own. But guess what? It’s a part of your everything that people said you can’t do! 

Oh, did I forget that you are also responsible for managing finances, replying to comments and queries? Selling products if you are affiliate marketing and sending out email sequences are some other additions to this long list. 

I know what you’re thinking. We only have 24 hours in a day. How are we supposed to get everything together?

Prioritize Your Never-ending To-do List

One of the best blogging tips is to do just one thing today. In fact, get to it right now! Ask yourself the most important task that has been holding your blog back.

Do you need to improve your homepage? Or should you be working on your social media channels for some much-needed traffic? Are your blog posts attractive enough to make the reader keep going?

Forget everything else and work on that one thing. Put the other stuff on hold. Bite into the neck of that task like a vampire and don’t let go until you suck all the benefits out of it!

But make sure that you set a deadline and stick to it. Or you might find yourself stuck in an infinite loop trying to be unrealistically perfect.

2. Stop The Complicated Madness! You’re Just 5 Baby Steps Away

Get this straight. Even though a blogger needs multiple skills, stop treating blogging as a monster.

If your task list for eternity is haunting you, fold it up and hide it under your mattress. Check out these 5 easy steps first.

1. Start a Blog

You can’t be a blogger without starting a blog. So, buy that domain and hosting. You also don’t have to worry about hiring a developer at this point.

2. Add Content and Categories

Well, duh! Add content and images to you all the necessary pages and jot down the categories you are going to write on. Select royalty-free images from sites like Pixabay. Next, keep on adding posts according to the frequency you decided.

Pro tip: Keep the posting frequency to a minimum in the beginning. The initial phase requires many efforts on your part. Content is an important part of it, but it’s not the whole thing.

3. Drive Traffic to Your Blog

It’s easier said than done but it’s not as tough as you might think. There are endless ways to do this and you don’t need to figure it all out today. As you go forward in your blogging journey, you’ll eventually keep on finding different ways to bring traffic.

4. Build an Email List

No matter how much traffic you drive on your blog, you won’t own it unless you squeeze out those emails. Once you have built an email list, you can reach out to your followers and prompt the actions you need them to take. 

5. Monetize!

And the dance of the passive income begins! If you’ve followed the previous steps with due diligence, you will start to earn money with blogging while you’re asleep. Isn’t that the dream?

Literally, that’s it! That’s what blogging is. Every other information is a segment of these 5 broadly categorized steps.

3. Get Out of the Pretentious Mode

If you think that blind rewriting of the top 5 Google results will make your blog successful, pack your bags and leave. You don’t belong to the virtual world.

Most bloggers pretend to be experts but all they have is just one capability. Paraphrasing a sentence and parroting it out using synonyms.

Dig deep into what you are preaching and become an actual expert. This is crucial not only for writing informative and interactive blog posts but also for genuine engagement with your readers.

4. Minimalistic Design is The Winner

Less is the new more! Trust me, this is one of the best blogging tips ever! You don’t have to fill all the whitespace in a blog post with graphics. That’s just a desperate attempt of clinging on to irrelevant readership. The same goes for click baits.

Your web design and images are for complementing the gold you’re offering in the form of valuable content. Be minimalistic with your design and keep your write-ups super useful. 

5. Master Different Sources of Traffic One by One

Sources of driving traffic to your blog are endless. Moreover, a new way keeps coming up every few days!

My point is if you choose to go organic, solely learn SEO before jumping on to social media marketing. When you do, master social media platforms one by one instead of being all over the place.

6. Leverage the Superpowers of These Free Blogging Tools

Don’t spend a lot of money on your blog before you generate a steady income from it. On that note, here are some free blogging tools to get you started.

  • Yoast SEO plugin for search engine optimization
  • Canva for designing graphics
  • Google Analytics to keep track of everything
  • SEM Rush, Moz Keyword, and Ubersuggest for keyword research
  • Tiny PNG, WP optimize, or Optimizilla for compressing images
  • Pingdom for website monitoring (Offers a 30 days free trial)
  • GTmetrix for testing performance of web pages
  • WP Rocket to optimize your website speed

Some have both free and paid versions. You can upscale as you progress later. These are just some of the best blogging tools out there. 

7. Don’t Limit Users to One Device

When you’re out there on the street, it hard to spot a single person not scrolling down their phones. So, make your website accessible to them. The same goes for tablets and other mobile devices.

Your site should load quickly on mobile pages and it should be responsive on different devices. After all, mobile users constitute the majority of website traffic.

8. Quit Reading These Blogging Tips Now if You’re Not Willing to be a Marketer

Whether it’s content marketing, email marketing, or social media marketing, everything is a part of being a blogger. Don’t spam in the name of promoting your blog.

Approach every step from a marketing standpoint and you’ll clear some obstacles in your blogging journey right away! Of course, keep offering value. The Affiliate SEO Mastery course can offer you great insights for this tip.

9. Sell High Ticket Products

Conversions are hard. But people genuinely interested in your benefit offering products will spend their money.

Usually, blogging and affiliate marketing go hand in hand. I’m assuming that you want to get into it at some point.

Even though affiliate marketing can be a broad area, create sales-oriented content to get started. I don’t mean that you should sound exclusively promotional.

Have a marketing funnel. In the beginning, offer a freebie which is going to be the lead magnet. This will help you collect emails from people who are genuinely interested in your content. Sharpen up your email copywriting skills and send them well-crafted sequences to make sales.

10. If Good content is Worth gold, Keyword Research is Worth Diamonds!

If you’re writing on your blog to express your innermost feelings, quit and write a romance novel. Your audience doesn’t care about you having an outlet for your emotions.

Readers visit blogs because they need information. They are searching for something. That’s exactly what you have to provide.

Keyword search volume speaks volumes about what people want to know. Analyze other factors such as keyword difficulty and competition to come up with answers your readers are looking for.

11. Reply to Comments

Readers look forward to interactivity. When you reply to their comments, it builds trust and credibility. This makes them believe that you care for them.

After all, who will buy anything from robots? Keep the human touch intact and watch your blog grow.

12. Don’t Overlook Guest Posting

Guest posting is equivalent to brand building for bloggers. To further enhance the credibility of your blog, you have got to have high authority websites linking back to you. This also increases the domain authority and page authority of your blog.

13. Don’t Try to Cover Everything

Have you ever hired a civil engineer to help you with your health problems? Just like you trust a doctor with your health, readers look forward to experts in a particular niche.

Stop being a jack of all trades and the master of none. Stick to the categories and subcategories you actually have in-depth knowledge about.

14. Take a Peek at What Your Competitors Are Doing

If your competitors are succeeding at something, offer your own unique insights on your blog about that subject. But don’t copy everything blindly or you risk ruining your reputation. 

Just leverage the power of the existing success metrics to select trending topics. This will save you a lot of extra time and research.

15. Build a Web of Internal Linking

Once a user enters your blog, guide them through a maze of relevant content. Use internal linking to quench your readers’ thirst for knowledge. But keep in mind, it has to be relevant all the time!

16. Right Irresistible Headlines

Writing killer email headlines is one of the most useful and the best blogging tips. What’s the point of creating amazing blog posts if your headlines are cliched? Look at these two headlines as an example. 

  1. Best Email Headlines
  2. Tried and Tested email Headlines Proven to Increase Click-Through Rates

Which of the above headlines would make you click for more information? I would certainly choose the second one that promises success.

17. Go Line By Line and Word by Word

The intention of every word in a blog post is to get the reader to the next. The same goes for every sentence. 

Just like a car’s headlight can only guide you through a few meters at a time, every line should take the user to the next. This step acts as a booster if you want to eliminate that evil rising bounce rate.

18. Search Queries and Answer Them

This goes for all social media platforms and question-and-answer communities such as Reddit and Quora. If you are writing about fitness, search these platforms for fitness-related queries.

Answer the questions people ask and take part in discussions. This will establish you as an expert in your name and people will start reaching out to you. Treat this as an opportunity to build trust and pitch your products later.

Summing Up The Blogging Tips

The blogosphere is saturated with millions of blogs. Every other person thinks they can jot down a word jumble of the first 10 Google results and be a successful blogger. Of course, you realize that it’s far from the truth.

The competition in the field of blogging is rising with every passing minute. While you can’t stop people from starting and running blogs, you can certainly have a competitive edge. 

The bottom line, blogging is work. But if you follow the 18 blogging tips I mentioned above, it doesn’t necessarily have to be hard work. 

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these steps and stay big gravity moon steps ahead of the self-proclaimed bloggers out there. Get down to work and offer value to skyrocket your traffic and conversions!

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