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I’m going to let my clients speak for my work instead of bragging about how I gave REAL RESULTS to plenty of folks like you scale to their fullest potential…

Finding Veethee as a creative copy writer for my book funnel page and also my group program sales page has been the best thing that has happened in my business. 

Being an intuitive writer myself, it is difficult for me to accept someone else’s view point on what I want to project. However, I was astonished at the level of intricate detail Veethee came up as a draft version for my sales pages which showed her eye for detail and keen interest in the project she had taken up. 

In my 2.5 years of search for someone who can speak my language, I can without any iota of doubt say – Veethee is the BEST ! Highly recommend her for creative copy writing, that which is the face of your business and eventually will bring leads/prospects into pipeline.

~ Poornima Vamsi



Veethee has top notch copywriting skills! I started out hiring her for me sales page and email copy for a launch. I was very impressed and happy with the copy she delivered. Then a year later I decided to hire her again to handle my social media presence. I just love her level of service and how she would run the extra mile and put the extra effort to create results for me. She is just amazing in what she do and the way she does it! I would recommend Veethee as 10 of 10. I would keep her for a life time in my business.

~ Nova Lindberg- Empowerment Coach at Freja Elevation

Thomas Ottosen Jr

I recommend Veethee to anyone who needs high-quality copywriting delivered in a timely manner. I used Veethee’s services on multiple occasions and have always been very satisfied. She is kept very busy by her existing clients, so if you get a chance to work with Veethee, consider yourself lucky!

~Thomas Ottusen Jr. -Project Leader, Leadstar

Veethee Dixit made me a beautiful and compelling adcopy. I now feel more confident advertising my offer. Highly recommend! Thank you!

~Alia Ghosheh